Dare You To Move

Subtitled:  A fluff piece because I have slacked on the blog but people might be looking at it soon.

This weekend, I’m doing something that’s really out of my comfort zone.  I’m going to spend the weekend with a bunch of women I’ve never met doing bootcampy and physically active type things.  Neither of these are my strong point.

I had heard about the Blend Retreat from a blog I read often, Meals and Moves.  I’m not sure why I was drawn to Janetha’s blog considering I’m not really fitnessy.  I think it was her mix of humor and recipes along with talking about how much she can lift that drew me in.  Regardless, Blend is her brainchild, along with two other bloggers, and was held in Colorado last year.  I lived vicariously through her pictures and recaps and thought about how cool it must be to feel like you were part of this giant support system.

When she announced that they were holding Blend about a half hour from my house this year, I realized I was being given a nudge to put my money where my mouth was, essentially.  Instead of wistfully scrolling by all these happy ladies, I could potentially be a happy lady.  Was I ready for that?  It sounds like a pretty stupid question, but I’m kind of gunshy of late.  It feels like I am still adjusting to motherhood and no one around me knows what to do with me.  I have been feeling some serious role strain as I try to adjust to being a stay at home mom and it hasn’t helped that all of my friends seem to be busy, sick, or otherwise incommunicado the last few months.  Lately, I have just been lonely, sad, and confused.

All this considered, Blend seemed like a good way to get out of my funk and put myself in a situation that was friendly, but still somewhat out of my comfort zone.  See, I am pretty much the embodiment of socially awkward penguin, and while I am hopeful that the next two days are going to be awesome and I am going to make new friends, I am also really afraid that it is going to be a nonstop blush-fest where I hide in my room the whole time.

At least I’m showing up though, right?  A for effort?


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